Supreme Corporation

A Tradition of Innovation
                   A History of Service

Micro-Texpur® is a division of the Supreme Corporation, which is one of the largest high performance engineered textile producers in the World.

For over 30 years, Supreme has worked closely with clients to develop the cutting edge products, pricing structure and distribution they needed to be successful. And it is that combination of high-tech innovation and customer service that has led to Supreme’s new line of Micro-Texpur® antibacterial / antimicrobial products.

In discussions with customers in various industries, we came to realize how concerned they were about dangerous bacteria and how existing antibacterial and antimicrobial products weren’t working properly. Instead of killing bacteria on contact, these products merely wounded them -- often leaving survivors alive to mutate, adapt and reproduce even more antimicrobial-resistant offspring.

We were determined to solve this problem and come up with a product that can kill these microbes on contact without creating a zone of inhibition which would allow the microbe to mutate into a drug resistant form like MRSA.

After lots of hard work, testing and retesting with confirmations done by The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, we have Micro-Texpur®. Which is why we can now bring you our amazing new lineup of safe, high-tech, environment-and-animal friendly Micro-Texpur® products.

Antimicrobial Solutions