Micro-Texpurís® Specification Sheet

Micro-Texpur® is tested and proven to be 100% SAFE for People, Pets and the Environment. There are NO harmful chemicals, heavy metals or caustic agents, and Micro-Texpur® will not leach into the environment. It is also non-flammable and VOC compliant.

Click here to download the Micro-Texpur® Specification Sheet (PDF)

More Benefits of Using Micro-Texpur®

  • Cationic Attraction lures microbes and then kills on contact by puncturing the cell wall
  • Nano-polymer kills bacteria on contact when applied to surfaces and fabrics.
  • No zone of inhibition
  • Permanently bonds to surface
  • Will not migrate into the environment and harm beneficial species
  • Launderable and cleanable without loss of efficacy
  • Does not off-gas or emit VOCs
  • Is not consumed by microorganisms
  • Reduces biological odors
  • Lasts life of garments and other textiles
  • Protects against nosocomial infections
  • In tests AATCC 100 and AATCC 147, kills 99.99% of all microbes

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