A New Precription for the Healthcare Industry:
SAY NO to Nosocomial Infections with

The Antimicrobial That Actually Kills Germs Dead Instantly

Now there's an incredible new way to get your old customers back and bring in new ones. We all know that America has an excellent health-care system. But the system has problems, too.

One of them is the threat of nosocomial infections: infections people get by staying in the hospital or by visiting a healthcare provider. In fact, many people put off needed visits to a healthcare facility just because they’re afraid of catching one.

These deadly infections are caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi and other microorganisms (like the dreaded MRSA). And they’re spread, according to infectious disease experts, by inadequate hygiene -- especially the hygiene of the physical facility. But keeping a healthcare facility clean and sterile (whether it’s a hospital, doctor’s office, drugstore or veterinary clinic) can be almost impossible.

Which is why you need Micro-Texpur® Medical Disinfectant, a new kind of environment-and-people-safe antibacterial / antimicrobial solution that actually kills germs dead on contact while creating a long lasting bond with the surface that it is applied.

We Kill Germs Dead

Until recently, even the most expensive antimicrobial cleaner (like the one you or your cleaning people probably use) often doesn’t actually kill bacteria or other microbes on contact. All it could do was poison them (usually with a formula that included a heavy metal like silver) and leave them to die.

This could take as long as 24 hours and almost always left a "zone of inhibition," which meant that some of the microbes stayed alive long enough to adapt, mutate or reproduce. This allows quick evolution permitting the microbe to produce offspring that have a stronger tolerance to the poison. Eventually they can become completely resistant to it and a super bug is created.

An added problem is some people also have problems with skin contact to heavy metals. Micro-Texpur® Medical Disinfectant is different.

A New Prescription

Once Micro-Texpur® is applied to a surface and dries, it forms a strong bond with that surface – a resilient ionic bond which actually attracts and kills dangerous microbes on contact. It pulls them in with an opposite electrical charge, punctures the cell wall and leaves them Dead On Contact. This leaves no opportunity for a microbe to adapt, mutate or reproduce offspring and no opportunity for the evolution of a super bug.

Once the surface is cleaned and SuperKilling, SuperClean Micro-Texpur® is applied, depending on the level of use, Micro-Texpur’s® resilient bond can take up to months before needing reapplication. On textiles, Micro-Texpur® will not wash off and will last the life of the garment.

The Door Handle Dilemma: Continued protection is vital. Because nothing stays clean for long in a healthcare facility. No matter how often staff members wash their hands, patients and visitors are not that careful. And some of those people are very sick. They touch things -- even innocuous things like telephones, door handles, food trays and remotes -- and leave their germs to be picked up by others.

Also, your facility may be aging and difficult to clean. And your cleaning people may not be aware of our revolutionary new "Green" product that creates a long lasting ionic bond with the surface that it is applied.

Micro-Texpur® is the solution.

Check it Out

Check out the technical details of the way Micro-Texpur® nanotechnology works in our Technology Section.

Check out how Micro-Texpur® was tested at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke in our Micro-Texpur® Testing Section.

Use Micro-Texpur® to keep nosocomial infections to a minimum and reduce the risk of litigation by using Micro-Texpur®, an antimicrobial that kills microbes on contact. And make sure that your healthcare facility is one that patients and visitors aren’t afraid to check into.

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