Cost Effective Disinfectant
with Long Lasting Odor Reduction

The Environment-People-and-Animal-Safe Antimicrobial That Actually Kills Germs Dead and the Odors They Create

Micro-Texpur® is absolutely necessary for janitorial companies that clean buildings that require sanitary conditions such as medical facilities and food service.

The Truth About The Commonly Used Antimicrobials / Antibacterials

Most antimicrobials used today are poisons. Many of them use a heavy metal like ionized silver which often doesn’t kill the microbe, it just poisons it and leaves it to die. Due to the long-drawn-out death, some microbes are able to mutate, adapt and develop antimicrobial resistant offspring. This is how "super bugs" like MRSA, which kill more Americans every year than AIDS, have been created.

But Micro-Texpur’s® Antimicrobial & Biological Odor Eliminator is different.

The Truth About Micro-Texpur®

Micro-Texpur® is a new kind of product that kills deadly bacteria (like MRSA) on contact. SuperClean, SuperGreen Micro-Texpur® is an amazing breakthrough development in nanotechnology for the janitorial industry. The immediate death of the microbe does not allow it the opportunity to mutate and create a "super bug". On a microscopic level, it works by attracting it like a magnet and puncturing the cell wall.

Once the surface is cleaned and Micro-Texpur® is applied, depending on the level of use, Micro-Texpur’s® resilient bond can take up to months before needing reapplication. This ionic bond of Micro-Texpur® is what actually attracts and kills dangerous bacteria dead on contact. It is also what prevents it from leaching into the environment and killing beneficial species.

An added benefit of killing microbes/bacteria is a reduction of odor for a longer period of time. Odor is often caused by the gasses produced by microbes. Reduce the number of microbes and you reduce the odor. Poisons that leave microbes alive continue to create odors.

Also, Micro-Texpur® contains no heavy metals therefore it is perfectly safe to use around people who get contact dermatitis or allergies from the commonly used poisons.

With so many of your clients thinking "green" these days, it’s important to know that Micro-Texpur® is a cost effective disinfectant that is safe for people, pets, wildlife and the environment.

Micro-Texpur® Janitorial Disinfectant
Antimicrobial & Biological Odor Eliminator

Read how Micro-Texpur® was tested at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke in our Micro-Texpur® Testing Section.

Read about its environmental advantages in our Micro-Texpur® Safety Section.

Add it all together and we think you’ll agree that Micro-Texpur® can help you get cleaner results, happier clients and, best of all -- a much better bottom line.

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MicroTexpur Antimicrobial

Micro-Texpur® Janitorial Disinfectant Antimicrobial & Biological Odor Eliminator

1 gallon container – For general disinfecting applications

2.5 gallon container – For general disinfecting applications

5 gallon container – For convenient storage and general disinfecting applications

55 gallon drums – For high-volume disinfecting applications