Micro-Texpur® SECURITY
Antimicrobial & Biological Odor Eliminator

Military, Municipal Police
and Correctional Institutions

SuperKilling, SuperGreen Micro-Texpur® is the perfect solution for the special needs of these units, where maintaining sanitary conditions presents an especially difficult challenge, but is essential for the health and well-being of staff and populations alike.

Ordinary products often contain poisons, heavy metals, or caustic substances that can irritate the skin, are not safe for fabrics, pollute the environment, and do not always kill on contact the way Micro-Texpur® does. Too often these other products allow time, known as the "zone of inhibition", for some of the targeted bacteria to mutate and reproduce, often resulting in hard-to-kill Superbugs. With Micro-Texpur®, there is no such "zone of inhibition". Bacteria are killed instantly on contact.

SuperClean/SuperGreen technology uses an amazing breakthrough in nanotechnology to create polymers that dry and bond structurally to surfaces and fabrics. These polymers begin to kill harmful bacteria ON CONTACT, and keep on killing. That saves time and money while providing the most sanitary environment available today.

As an added benefit, citizens in surrounding communities will appreciate knowing you are doing your part to protect them and the surrounding environment, by using the most environmentally safe antibacterial on today's market.

MicroTexpur Antibacterial

Micro-Texpur® Security
Antimicrobial & Biological Odor Eliminator comes in 3 forms

1 gallon container – For general disinfecting applications

2.5 gallon container – For general disinfecting applications

5 gallon container – For convenient storage and general disinfecting applications

55 gallon drums – For high-volume disinfecting applications

Read the technical details of the way Micro-Texpur® works in our Technology Section.

Read how Micro-Texpur® was tested at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke in our Micro-Texpur® Testing Section.

Read about its environmental advantages in our Micro-Texpur® Safety Section.

Add it all together and we think you’ll agree that Micro-Texpur® can help you get cleaner results, happier clients and, best of all -- a much better bottom line.

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