Micro-Texpur® ATHLETE
Antimicrobial & Biological Odor Eliminator

MRSA Loves Athletes

Football, hockey, boxing, mixed martial arts... in fact, all sports, but especially contact sports, leave athletes exceptionally vulnerable to harmful bacterial. Heat, moisture, perspiration, and blood, among other conditions, create the perfect environment for the growth and spread of these organisms.

Fortunately, now there's a solution: SuperKilling, SuperGreen Micro-Texpur®

This amazing breakthrough in nanotechnology is not only instantly lethal to harmful bacteria, it's completely safe for families and pets, for the environment, and for wildlife.

That's because of the way Micro-Texpur® works (get ready for some technical stuff); microscopic positively charged polymers are sprayed onto a surface or fabric, and dry to form a structural bond that won't wash off or otherwise find their way into the environment. And rigorous scientific testing has shown Micro-Texpur® to be as 100% safe for humans and the environment as it is 100% (actually 99.99%) lethal to harmful bacteria.

There are no poisons, no heavy metals, no caustic substances of any kind involved. Just billions of hard-working little nano-structures luring bacteria in for an instant kill. And because they're structurally bonded to the surface or fabric, they keep on killing.

Use it on all locker room surfaces, equipment and pads, in the showers; anywhere harmful bacteria are a problem. Use it on bandages to create a MRSA or superbug barrier to open scrapes or cuts. Because of it's unique ion-bonding technology, Micro-Texpur® stays where you put it, kills bacteria instantly on contact, and KEEPS ON KILLING. Depending on it's use, Micro-Texpur's® resilient bond can take up to months before needing reapplication. On textiles, it will not wash off and will last the life of the textile.

You'll be protecting your players and their families, and doing your part to help support environmental awareness and protection at the same time.

Micro-Texpur® Athlete
Antimicrobial & Biological Odor Eliminator

1 gallon container – For general disinfecting applications

2.5 gallon container – For general disinfecting applications

5 gallon container – For convenient storage and general disinfecting applications

55 gallon drums – For high-volume disinfecting applications

Read the technical details of the way Micro-Texpur® works in our Technology Section.

Read how Micro-Texpur® was tested at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke in our Micro-Texpur® Testing Section.

Read about its environmental advantages in our Micro-Texpur® Safety Section.

Add it all together and we think you’ll agree that Micro-Texpur® can help you get cleaner results, happier clients and, best of all -- a much better bottom line.

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