The Proof is in the Testing

And Micro-Texpur® Scored 99.9%!

To confirm our outstanding Micro-Texpur® technology test results, we took it to one of the leading micro-biology testing laboratories in the United States: the Department of Biology at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

As soon as a Micro-Texpur® product is applied to a surface and dries, it forms a resilient bond with that surface -- a strong ionic bond which immediately goes to work attracting and killing microbes.

We asked Biology Department Chairman Dr. Andrew Ash and Principal Investigator Dr. Marilu E. Santos to measure Micro-Texpurís® performance in rigorous blind tests against other antimicrobial products -- as well as against untreated surfaces.

Here is how Dr. Santos described the project:

"It has been recognized in the antimicrobial industry that a product was required which killed microbes instantly without establishing a zone of inhibition which would produce Ďsuper microbesí and which would not leach into the environment and kill beneficial species. Micro-Texpur® LLC has developed an antimicrobial product with such desirable properties. The product needs to be tested for antimicrobial activity using the American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM) by an independent party."

Then she and her team went to work.

The Results

Dr. Santos and her UNCP team conducted scores of tests over a period of months rating the Micro-Texpur® product and its competition on how well they killed an impressive array of stubborn microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, mildew and algae.

How well did we perform? Even better than expected!

In the AATCC 100 and AATCC 147 tests, the Micro-Texpur® product eliminated 99.99% of all microbes Ė 99.99%! Thatís just one tenth of one percent away from perfect No product tested outperformed Micro-Texpur® on any AATCC test.

And in the all-important ASTM - E test, Micro-Texpurís® performance left silver-ion technology in the dust. Our product killed every single microbe dead on contact -- every one -- while no silver-ion product could pass the ASTM kill-ratio standard even after two full hours.

For more complete test information, contact Micro-Texpurís® parent company, Supreme Corporation.
Antimicrobial Testing

The Tests

1. AATCC Test Method 100 &
2. AATCC Test Method 147:

"Assessment of Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials"
American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists

These tests provide quantitative procedures for the evaluation of the degree of antibacterial activity on textile material.

3. The ASTM E-2149-01 Test

"The Standard Test Method for Determining the Antimicrobial Activity of Immobilized Antimicrobial Agents Under Dynamic Contact Conditions."
Copyright 2003 ASTM International. All rights reserved.

This test is designed to evaluate the resistance of non-leaching antimicrobial-treated specimens to the growth of microbes under dynamic contact conditions.